Made in Chicago

Right next to Deoksugung palace above a Belgium waffle shop is Made in Chicago. It’s a bit small but has a great view. They make Chicago style pizza. I’ve been out of Chicago for awhile (Almost 2 full years) so I’m not sure how well what I remember it tasting like is accurate. My friend and I ordered a set. It came with a hot dog, potatoes (french fries), a salad, and two drinks.

View of the palace and city from the restaurant.

We helped ourselves to drinks from the fridge while waiting for the food and enjoying the scenery.


The salad came out first, quickly followed by the fries. Both were good, the salad was citrus-y and the “potatoes” were lightly seasoned and salted. Next came the hot dog.


At first I saw the red and was like wait a second why is their ketchup on a hotdog in a Chicago “themed” restaurant? Only to take a big bite and die a little as I realized it was hot sauce.


Lastly came the Chicago style pizza. Such a cute tiny baby pizza. It took awhile, but not nearly as long as the average 40 minutes it would take in Chicago. It was…strangely sweet. It wasn’t as savory or salty as I had hoped, but definetly cheasy. We ordered the original but I’m curious how their other flavors are, like bulgogi. It was also decently filling. Two pieces were plenty. (Of course it probably helped that I snacked on everything else too.)

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