Look Our Tea: Fashion of Tea

While in Bundang for EPIK training I tried to fit a bit of exploring in-between lecturers and our curfew. One of the places I visited was Look Our Tea, fashion of Tea which was in the basement of a mall area a couple of blocks away from where we were training. It was warm, cozy, and had the feel of a science inspired bar. It took awhile while perusing their menu to decide what I wanted and eventually I settled on their Christmas tea. It was fun to watch the lady who was working make the tea, setting it in beakers and timing the leaves before pouring it into my glass. Picking out my pie to go with it was remarkably easy.


Like I mentioned in my apple picking post, pie in Korea isn’t common. So whenever I find pie, especially normal sized pie and not tarts called pie, I get really excited. But at Look Our tea: Fashion of Tea I was even more excited. They had strawberry rhubarb pie. Not exactly what I consider a fall pie, more summer, but definatly something I never expected to find in Korea. It was delicious, a bit tart, but I was too happy to really care. The tea and the pie were a bit on the pricier side, which is how most places in Bundang are. But I also haven’t seen rhubarb at all in Korea, so I wasn’t surprised.

The location I went to also sells their loose leaf teas, tea bags, and have an art gallery. I really loved it and enjoyed sitting and drinking tea and chatting with my classmates.

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