Hwajinpo Beach 화진포해변

The majority of our Saturday was spent around Hwajinpo Beach. The hotel/pension we stayed at was right on the beach, so when our room got too hot we could listen to the waves crash on shore with the window open. In the morning we went down and walked around the beach. It was beautiful and covered with what my coworkers told me were fish eggs.


We left to a nearby port for breakfast. A breakfast of somewhat spicy soup with fish and tofu.


Not particularly my favorite type of breakfast. But it wasn’t the worst. Plus I had plenty of rice to eat. We wandered around some more, looking at the boats and just enjoying the ocean.

There’s plenty of scenic hiking to do around the coast of Hwajinpo Beach and even in December it’s still beautiful and pleasant to walk around. Hwajinpo is in Goseong, close to the border between North and South Korea. It’s open to swimming from mid-July to mid-August.

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