Joma Bakery

Joma Bakery can be found in Vietnam, Cambodia and in several cities in Laos. It was suggested to us as a place to eat lunch while in Vientiane and then later was a go to stop for several meals in Luang Prabang.

Joma Bakery offers a wide variety of sandwiches, pastries, teas, coffee, and snacks. They have wifi and  western style bathrooms with soap and toilet paper usually provided. That may not seem super important but since the only other places we went with bathrooms like this were our hotels meant we were all carrying rolls of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

I ended up eating three meals at Joma Bakery. Not something I’m a huge fan of doing. I prefer when traveling to try as many new places as possible, but luck had it that we kept going back, mostly due to convenience.  The first meal I had was a tuna melt sandwich and a mint lemon freeze. The tuna melt was disappointing. It was tuna, tomato, mayo and a ridiculous amount of cheddar and onions. I’m not a fan of the amount of cheddar or onions that ended up on my sandwich. The mint lemon freeze though was really refreshing. Their sandwiches also come with a side salad.


Later I ordered their smoked salmon which came with dill and cream cheese on a tomato bagel and I loved it. I wished I had ordered it instead of the deli fresh wrap for pick up at 7am for our picnic lunch on a boat which was soggy by lunch time. The bakery/cafe also offers a wide variety of coffees, teas, salads, and baked goods. However keep in mind it is the go to place for tour groups.

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