Ploen Ruedee Night Market International Food Park เพลินฤดี

Our only night in Chiang Mai wasn’t particularly exciting. While our itinerary said we’d go see a show or experience more of the local culture the majority of our group (myself included) weren’t feeling all that great. So instead we opted for dinner and to wander around the Ploen Ruedee night market before going back to bed. We had to be up early the following morning so no one wanted to be out too late.


Our tour guide asked us if we wanted local local street food or just street food and we picked the second which brought us to the International Food Park which was…a hipster paradise. Food trucks were parked around the entire edge of the square with food hailing from all over. Steak, sushi, seafood, wine, beer, noodles, curry, deep-fried foods, food dipped in chocolates, burgers, hot dogs, smoothies. Pretty much anything your heart could desire which made picking something ridiculously difficult, more so as someone who wasn’t feeling great.

20170123_185518I ended up picking some samosas which were delicious albeit not the right choice for the queasiness of my stomach. I also got a Thai iced tea and later a blueberry smoothie. There were little shops set up and a stage that later would play a band. We all really loved it and after doing some shopping in the night market we returned to just relax and listen to the jazz music being played by a live band.


The international food market opens at 5pm until midnight and is only closed on Sundays.

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