Tunghai University 東海大學

On our first day in Taichung our friends took us to Tunghai University so that we could visit the Luce Chapel and try some things made from the experimental farm. The Tunghai University campus is big, enough so that there’s a bus that drives about campus, similar to those you’d find in a city (or in the rest of Taichung). As we wandered around the green campus we noticed signs with young children learning, and after a bit of research learned that Tunghai University teaches not just at its 8 colleges but starting at kindergarten.

Our first stop on campus was the Luce Chapel, a busy church with a unique architectural style that was very busy (because we hadn’t connected the dots that it was Sunday and we’d arrived in time for mass). The chapel was beautiful and insanely crowded so we didn’t stay long, just taking a couple of photos before continuing on our way.


Our next stop was Tunghai Dairy, a small building painted in black and white spots that sold different things produce from the Tunghai farm. There were cakes, milk, cheeses, and ice cream. My friend and I split one of the cute containers of ice cream while our hosts went for the milk. It was plain but really creamy and rich.

After our ice cream we walked past the experimental farm and saw the cows who had most likely made the treats we’d tried and then just wandered around campus for a while, enjoying different styles of architecture and just enjoying the beautiful campus.

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