The Space: Kumann Yoo Hye Jin’s “Ready-to-Wear Exhibition”


This year Seoul Fashion Week came and left with me still spinning and rather unaware that I had missed it other than some posts by friends. I figured maybe next time. Mika, on the other hand, went, dressed up and backstage. (The nice part about living in Seoul). While I didn’t make it to SFW I did get invited by Mika to join her to check out Kumann Yoo Hye Jin‘s exhibition that she’d been invited to. We made our way through Gangnam to The space is an art gallery with a cafe. We walked through the empty cafe and down into the gallery on the afternoon of its final day. Since it was their final day and they hadn’t had very many guests some of the fashion was being packed up. But a lot of it, a lot from the shows that Mika had seen go across the runway were still out. Even some of Mika’s favorites.

This was one of Mika’s favorite pieces.

It was interesting seeing fashion from a show sitting on hangers and mannequins a bit like one would see at a shop. The Space was dimly lit with a little resting couch type furniture in the center, surrounded by racks of fashion. It was weird thinking that just recently all of these had been on models walking down a catwalk to music and flashes of photographers. Something about it was very disillusioning, in a quiet dim-lit empty space in comparison to the hectic busyness of fashion week.

That isn’t to say the clothing wasn’t gorgeous. Several pieces jumped out at me, like art. It was fun to see the different styles, some pieces a bit like a chimera, very two-faced. A lot of her work was also asymmetrical and played with shape.

Some pieces had interesting cut outs, places where it unzipped at the elbow or where part of your arm would be bare but then another section wouldn’t.


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