G’day 그데이

I took a short weekend trip recently to visit a friend in Daegu and for a festival. She’s been doing a lot more exploring and said she had a ton of places she suggested we check out, one of which was G’day a Australian inspired brunch restaurant/cafe. My friend ordered a nutella and marshmallow jaffle and I ordered their french toast and an apple cinnamon tea.

The french toast I ordered came with bananas and was lightly sweet, not sickening sweet like I had worried and the tea was delicious with apple chunks in it and a cinnamon stick.  Their breakfast menu isn’t too big, though they have lots of sandwich and jaffle options. Take a look through their menu and around at signs because their apple cinnamon tea wasn’t on any of the menus but instead on a little picture near the register.

G’day is two floors filled with Australian themed knick knacks from the owners trips to Australia with outdoor seating that serves breakfast all day, located off Beomeo Station, Exit 1.

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