Nine Road Pizzeria

Before going to the festival we stopped at 9 Road Pizzeria for dinner, a chain restaurant, hoping to make sure we ate before going and it was an odd dinner. The first pizza we ordered was a carpriscosa pizza, the description for which just said a ham and cheese pizza, however it came with olives (not terrible), and a spicy sauce which made it so neither my friend or I could enjoy the pizza.


disappointed and a bit embarrassed (I hate wasting food) we called the staff over and ordered a different pizza, one my friend had had before that wasn’t spicy at all, the Quattro Fromaggi, essentially a four cheese pizza. It came out with honey which neither of us touched and in our hunger we demolished this pizza, but it wasn’t great.


I’ve never had a pizza that was essentially liquid. I don’t know exactly what the 4 cheeses were, but it felt like one of them was a liquified cream cheese that made eating this pizza a mess. One of the cheeses was sweet and then there were also chunks that were sharp. We also got drinks, I ordered a strawberry lemonade which was a lot better and rather big.


They serve other things on their menu, like pasta, steak, salad, spaghetti, and more. But for a pizza place when you can’t eat the pizza it’s disappointing.


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