Sung Sim Dang 성심당

If you visit Daejeon a must is Sung Sim Dang. There’s no missing it at the KTX station, just look for the bakery with the long line. What’s the line for? Red bean paste bread called Twigim Soboro (튀김소보로). Read bean paste bread not exciting you say? Well this one is big and deep-fried. Even if you buy a smaller one cold it’s still going to be delicious because its deep fried. I don’t like red bean breads cold, they just don’t taste as good to me as they do fresh but I still loved this one cold. I bought a smaller one when I arrived in Daejeon and then my friend treated me to a bigger one for our train ride to Gumi.  The bakery in the station also sells a variety of other baked goods, but if you want their true selection you’re going to have to leave the station and go to old downtown. The first floor is nothing but baked goodness, so grab a pair of tongs and a tray and meander through things like squid ink black breads, or a chocolate filed hermit crab, or a savory hedgehog/ram?

If you want lunch head upstairs to the Terrace Kitchen after 11am for Italian bread bowls or Japanese inspired curry with donkatsu.

20170505_114337 (1)

If you continue down the street, to the end you’ll find their cake boutique. They literally make so many different things and their cakes were so popular that they had to get another shop (which happens to be the bakery I mentioned first). Everything is beautiful so wander around and try something new. My friend bought me their earl grey milk jam to try while I drooled over madeleines, adorable animal shaped meringues,  and rabbit shaped strawberry mouse cakes.


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