O’sulloc Tea Museum 오설록티뮤지엄

When I first tried to make plans to go to Jeju when I arrived in Korea one of the things I found was O’sulloc tea museum and I got ridiculously excited. I love tea. So it was one of the main things on my must do list while in Jeju and luckily my friend agreed so it was the first thing we did. We grabbed a bus and headed out to O’sulloc passes an interesting assortment of road side attractions. As a person whose from America where I thought road side attractions were our thing I was surprised by the amount we passed. Giant dinosaurs, robots, horses, tons of museums, and so much more. The island is packed with things to do.

The tea museum starts off with history of tea in South Korea, a gallery of tea cups from Korean and the rest of the world, the rise and fall of tea and tea culture in Korea and the history of O’sulloc and how brick tea is made. After that the museum opens up into a space where you can try their specialty of the day.

For us it was Jeju tangerine tea.  Then there’s the shop where you can buy tea (note it’s on the pricier side), snacks made with tea and beauty/body products. I bought some tea I hadn’t seen before at the stores in Seoul and some green tea chocolates.  Then there’s the cafe.


My friend got their Sejak green tea and I got a green tea latte. We also bought to split a green tea roll cake and green tea and hojicha dacquoise.

After our snack we went to explore the Seogwang Tea Garden which was across the street.


We spent a lot more time at the Tea Museum then we had expected, just enjoying the atmosphere and wandering around. I also later learned there is a lot more tea themed things to do around Jeju island that we ran out of time for, like going to a cave and enjoying a foot spa at a tea cafe, or the Jeju green tea plantation to name a few.

From Jeju city the best way to get to O’sulloc Tea Museum is by taking Bus No.755 and getting off at the bus stop with the same name.

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