Innisfree Jeju House 이니스프리 제주 하우스

Innisfree is a Korean beauty brand that is known for its natural ingredients procured in Jeju. They share space with the O’sulloc tea museum and when my friend and I spotted the Jeju house so close we were rather excited.

The Innisfree Jeju house offers Jeju exclusive items, a green cafe and a soap class. We went straight for the soap class as soon as we stepped inside. First you have to pick out which set you want to do and purchase it. The options are Green Tea, Volcanic or Tangerine. We picked the green tea and then were led to a desk to get to work, mostly surrounded by families with small children. There are touch screens in multiple languages and after switching it to English we were good to go.

Each soap making kit includes enough to make three, so we split them. It was time-consuming but therapeutic and fun. In the same area there is also a spot for you to make your own postcard which we did. I put one together to send home.

The shop also offers Jeju island exclusives, which seems to be a theme on Jeju, there was even a Jeju exclusive drink at Starbucks.  We decided to try out their face packs. They have two base options creamy and clay and you’re suppose to pick out one- three packs of either oil and powder or just powder. Make sure you have something to mix them with as well.


After shopping we wandered over to their cafe section to get something to snack on but were drawn immediately to their mountain cake. Hallasan, the famous mountain of Jeju that we ran out of time to visit, but at least we got to eat it.

My friend ordered the hallabong blender which was sweet with chunks of hallabong (like a tangerine) and a bit with a slush like consistency and I got the sea lemonade which was good and refreshing.

The greatest part of our snack was the cake. The box folded out into a map of Jeju that we decorated, following instructions we were given in English and it was delicious.

From Jeju city the best way to get to the Innisfree Jeju House is by taking Bus No.755 and getting off at the bus stop at the O’sulloc Tea Museum stop. It’s a short distance away, just follow the signs.


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