CaFace is a popular cafe chain in Seoul, with a couple of little shops most of them around Hongdae. Why is it popular? Because you get to drink your face.


Nathalie and I went to the location attached to the Trick Eye Museum. Located in the lobby area before you go in the second basement we pulled a table aside to sit and made our order. I got a mint choco latte relieved to find that there were non coffee options.


The drinks themselves are 5,800 won  and when you add the selfie photo it’s an additional 3,000 won making it the total 8,500 won. After ordering a worker will hand you a phone for you to take a selfie, keep in mind that it will be rounded into a circle to fit the foam of your cup. Then grab a seat and wait a bit. We went on a hot Saturday afternoon while the Trick Eye Museum seemed relatively non-busy which meant we were able to get our drinks in a decent amount of time.

Despite some initial worry about bringing the drink to the table and ruining it I found it was a lot less delicate than I had originally feared. So thankfully the drink remained intact. It’s also fun to destroy the drink and make your own fun designs out of your picture. There’s a lot of foam/cream but outside of that I quite enjoyed my drink.

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