Bagel MTL

Bagel MTL is a restaurant in Yeonnam-dong that specializes in…bagels. They aren’t particularly easy to get to, about a 15 minute walk from Hongik University Station.  But the neighborhood its in is quiet and peaceful, or at least was when Mika and I went for brunch on a Saturday morning/early afternoon.


You can order basic bagels (plain, sesame, poppy-seed or everything bagels), cream cheese (plain, scallion, nuts and cranberries, or cream) or Open sandwich bagels which is what Mika and I went for. Mika ordered their Chicken and Salsa which was more like chicken covered in diced tomatoes then salsa and a cheesy spicy tomato egg dip.

I ordered the egg and avocado bagel which was delicious and split their giant ricotta cheese salad with Mika.


Their open face sandwich bagels are messy so take your time with a knife and fork to eat them. They also have both Korean and English menus and English speaking staff (the owner is Canadian). You can also find David’s tea here which was a surprise. (I went for basic peppermint iced tea because it was too hot out for anything else)

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