Rick’s White Light Diner

After a bit of looking around to see what was around that we could eat at we headed to Rick’s White Light Diner, featured in Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives. Mostly we picked it for the brisket and pulled pork sandwiches which popped up on the menu. Which is a bit surprising since most of my immediate family can’t handle spicy food and the diner is considered a Cajun restaurant.


We opted to sit inside, some of us at the bar, some at a table and peruse the menu. Outside there was more seating while inside was a bit cramped and limited but giving it that authentic road side diner feel.  I ordered the Memphis pulled pork sandwich (regular $7.95) with a side of hush puppies ($3.25). And while I waited I watched the regulars pile in or pop their head in to chat with Rick Paul, the owner and chef, and his staff and family who seemed to have their hands full with orders from a large party outside.


The food was good, a bit spicy for me, but delicious. Everything is as local as can be and if not from Kentucky from the US.  Even the bottled water was a brand I didn’t recognize but was local.

Their menu has a wide variety of options from basic-y food like a burger to crawfish or alligator and everything is made to order, so don’t expect fast food. They serve breakfast and lunch Tuesday’s through Saturdays from 10am until 5pm, Saturday from 8am until 3pm with Monday’s and Sunday’s closed. It’s not necessarily cheap like I tend to think of with diners, but it’s was fun to try.

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