Ginza West Aoyama Garden

Ginza West is a  company with a couple different stores that sell a variety of treats. This one is known for it’s tea room that serves giant pancakes. Opening at 11am the tea room has 52 available seats inside along with a terrace with about 16 seats. I mention this because it can get crowded later in the day and weekends. They are open until 8pm. The company strives for a sophisticated feel and it’s accomplished with the quiet upscale atmosphere.

Despite opening at 11am you can enter a little bit early into their store front, a small confectionery bakery that sells cookies and sweets. There’s some seating available there which is where the line forms. If you arrive early enough you can pick your seat. I beelined for a window seat with an electrical outlet.  I ordered the one piece pancake with beverage (1,512 ¥) and got a royal milk tea as my beverage.  They also serve soup, salads, quiche and sandwiches as well as other sweets.

They brought out my tea first which came with sugar and the syrup for my pancake.  The pancake took awhile to come out so I was glad I brought a book to read and just enjoy the late morning. The pancakes are huge, but I was able to finish the whole thing, barely. There is not a lot of syrup that you’re given and it soaks up pretty quickly. If you want to be a bit more adventurous/want more sugar they also sell other pancake toppings for a bit more money. While I was visiting they were offering chocolate butter cream for (108 ¥). The menu is in Japanese with English and there is free wifi. When you’re done head back to the store front to pay.

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