Mr. Farmer

Mr. Farmer is a restaurant available in a couple different areas of Japan. The one I went to was somewhat close to Harajuku but thankfully not near the crowds. Mr. Farmer specializes in vegetables. They offer sandwiches, salads and soups as well as healthy drinks. I ordered the chicken avocado sandwich and green cleanse. It was all too much.


The sandwich was delicious but I should’ve gotten a half plate instead. I was very quickly defeated almost as soon as I saw how big each half was. It came with herb-y but also super salty potatoes and pickled veggies. I loved the sandwich though which they also offer a variant as a salad.


The green cleanse on the other hand I wish I hadn’t ordered. It tasted green in that bitter way that I just can’t stand. I ended up pouring it back into the container it came in and giving it to my friend. They offer other cleanse’s and smoothies and I think I would’ve preferred a smoothie. I ended up drinking more of their self serve infused water that comes in a variety of flavors all to promote health in different ways, which I found much more enjoyable.


Mr. Farmer is open from 9-8pm and also offers vegan and vegetarian options.


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