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Japan is the home of some amazing pop-up shops and cafes. Some of them are insane, with reservation only that if you’re not fast enough you’ll never get the chance to try before they close. Which makes the permanent Sailor Moon store less stressful.  Located in the half basement of Laforet in Harajuku are two small half shops.


They’re not big and if there’s enough people browsing they very quickly become crowded. The items for sale are mostly cosmetics, key chains, bags, candy and stationary.  They also sell blankets, towels, DVD’s/CD’s and dolls…creepy looking dolls that are super expensive. The other little shop across the way seems to specialize in clothes. From semi-tacky looking sweaters to nondescript skirts all priced rather high. They also sell bags which are pretty cute but are about $400. Which was surprising for a brand with a ton of fashion in it.

It was a bit disappointing how little I actually wanted that I could afford. I ended up buying a bath bomb with a mystery sailor moon surprise, some key chains (with traditional art were about 500¥ each ~$5), some tea and a gacha toy. The gacha machines when I visited were in the shop with the clothing (which does have a space to try on but I think you’d have to get someone from the other shop to help find your size/let know you want to try something on) The way the gacha was set up wasn’t the best. They set two towers of gacha machines facing each other off in the corner with only enough space for one person to look at them at a time.

The shop is cute, just smaller and way more expensive then I had hoped. I was hoping for a lot of things I had/wanted growing up. Plushies, real size wands and lockets that didn’t cost an arm or a leg, alarm clocks that my parents threatened to toss out the window, fashionable fashion options but a lot of it was souvenirs cookies or printed cloth bags. It looks like occasionally they do change up what they sell and it’s possible that they were sold out of things that I might have been more interested in. The shop is open from open from 11am -9pm.

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