Sweet East Dessert Cafe 스윗이스트

Located in one of the winding paths of Itaewon is the Sweet East Dessert Cafe which specializes in funnel cake. A friend of mine mentioned it recently as we were discussing seasonal things we miss, like pumpkin spice lattes. I don’t really drink pumpkin spice lattes but a lot of cafes in Chicago also made pumpkin spice chai lattes which were my absolute favorite.  I went with a friend to give it a try. I was able to ask for a pumpkin spice latte without coffee in it and we ordered a strawberry funnel cake to share.


The funnel cake was good for the most part. Strawberries aren’t in season so I can’t hold it against them but it was a bit disconcerting that they were still frozen as we dug in. If you get a funnel cake get one without not-in-season fruit. As for the pumpkin spice latte it tasted like pumpkin but there was also a very strong perfume-y taste which maybe is because there wasn’t any coffee in it. But I wasn’t particularly fond of it. The shop is small but pretty and surrounded by nice restaurants so I’m sure it’s a great place to go after dinner or meet friends.

The Sweet Dessert Cafe is open 10am until 10pm Monday through Friday and Saturday and Sunday from 12pm until 10pm.

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