While at the Lotte World Mall in order to buy gingerbread cookies at Flying Tiger Copenhagen I decided to stop for a late lunch at a shop called Bruxie. Bruxie is an American chain that specializes in chicken and waffles sandwiches. I realized I hadn’t had that combination yet, usually just deciding to have plain waffles at any restaurant that serves them…or pancakes.


The menu was available in both English and Korean and pretty easy to understand. I decided to order the Elvis chicken and waffle because it seemed the least likely to be spicy without me having to ask them to edit the order (which isn’t always doable in Korea) and a root beer float since I hadn’t had one in quite awhile. I was given a number and grabbed a seat.


My rootbeer float came first and my number was taken away which made me nervous since couples around me still had theirs and had already received part of their orders. When the staff member came back I showed them my receipt to verify that I had something else coming.


The Elvis chicken and waffle sandwich is a honey glazed fried chicken in a waffle that has been spread with peanut butter and slices of banana. It was good and I was quite happy with it. Savory, and a bit sweet. I wasn’t able to get a bite of the whole thing, choosing instead to try and cut it all into bite size pieces. Bruxie also serves other chicken and waffle sandwiches, breakfast waffles, waffle fries and shakes.


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