The ♥ Lucy pie kitchen 더루시파이키친

Recently I looked up pie shops because around the holidays they’re one of the biggest things I miss food wise and was pleased to see one called The Love Lucy pie kitchen. I didn’t get that it was themed after the show “I Love Lucy” until I finally managed to visit it with a fellow Korvia intern. It’s a small shop with limited seating decked out with “I Love Lucy” pictures on the wall and even a dollar bill with Lucy Ball in the center instead of George Washington. It was super cute and fun and a welcome respite from the bitter cold outside.


While there I ordered their vanilla tea which was delicious and their peppermint chocolate pie (5,500 won).  I was unable to finish the peppermint pie but they wrapped it up nicely for me to take the rest home. I also got their most popular “scream pie” (a chocolate mud pie 6,000 won) to go. (which at home I demolished in one sitting).


For some reason at night The love lucy pie kitchen was difficult to find. We were on the wrong side of the street and a lot of maps were giving us the wrong address. It’s right next to the GS25 but not on the main road and during the day the shop is bright pink but that’s not very noticeable at night. It’s in Ichon-dong and while it looks like it’s within walking distance from either yongsan station or Ichon, Ichon is a bit closer. Leave exit 4 at Ichon station. What’s easier then that though is that it’s across the street from 이촌동두산위브트레지움, 한강우아파트 (03215,03733) bus stop and is near Chungsin Church.


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