The Best Laid Plans

In my previous post I said I was taking a bit of a break and I’d be back in mid-February after a mini break to visit New Zealand. This didn’t happen. I didn’t spend the first half of my break exploring or doing much but commuting to the hospital, meeting nurses and doing my best not to faint while medical details were being explained. I don’t have any adventures to tell you about for this one since I mostly spent time with family and eating at fast food restaurants. I dealt with  what has been one of my worst fears, that something bad would happen when I was living abroad and learned that I can get home by the next day. (I left on a Sunday afternoon and arrived on that same Sunday at midnight, time zones are insane)

I love having adventures and exploring new places and meeting new people but I cannot do that during a family medical emergency. (One could argue I did meet a ton of new people, but they were doctors and nurses) There was no way I could have enjoyed my trip, heck I couldn’t even sleep the night before I left for home even though my sister told me to sleep on it and make a decision in the morning. I just… can’t. I booked my flight for as soon as I could feasibly get to the airport. I’m back in Korea now. Jet lag has been horrendous (lost a day or two) but hopefully I’ll have some new posts soon. Maybe one in a couple of days but there will be another break for awhile after it. I’m sorry for the extension of my break and I thank you for your patience.

Also, everything is okay at the moment, it was just scary. But I was glad I went home to be there. It was important to me. Maybe next year New Zealand.

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