After wandering about in search of something to eat we ended up at Tarbush. After perusing the menu for awhile not sure what to order I decided on the Freekeh Chicken. It turns out Freekeh is a type of grain that I had never heard of before (which is a shame) that the chicken was served on top of. It was utterly delicious and too much for me to finish. I also ordered a watermelon juice, I finished it too quickly and really wish I had ordered a second.

At first glance the place looked a bit empty but it turned out there was a lot more seating in the back where hookah was also an option as well as an upstairs we hadn’t noticed. Tired, we just sort of slumped into seats near the door and as we ate the place became busier and busier. The staff was friendly, patient, and helpful. (I had to ask them to help me with the wifi multiple times, I blame jet lag).

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