Cameron Valley Tea House

If you want to do something in the Cameron Highlands there’s a good chance you’ll have your pick of which one you want to do. An example is there’s a ridiculous amount of tea plantations. Even though we were in the Cameron Highlands for only two nights and three-ish days (one full) we still managed to go to two different tea plantations. The Cameron Valley Tea House we visited was located across the street from the Peony Apartments.

While waiting to check in and somewhat starving we headed across the street for a snack and a walk through the fields.


We got vanilla tea to split and a scone set which came with jam, butter and cream. The tea was delicious, but in Malaysia most tea automatically comes with sugar and milk so if you don’t want either make sure to ask for it without.  The cafe section was split into two, one that was open and also making food and another that was closed but where all the seating was. In-between was their store where they sold tea and a variety of tea things like giant tea cups.

It was really nice to relax and have a snack and then wander around the tea plants and take in the view.


  • Monday-Thursday 8:30am -6:00pm
  • Friday-Sunday 8:00am-7:00pm


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