New York Bread 뉴욕브레드

For Children’s Day weekend I went with a friend to go to a festival that by our original research wasn’t the easiest to get to, so we booked a place in Gwangju. Gwangju is a city to the Southwest in Korea. We didn’t have much time to do pretty much anything while there except catch a movie and grab some dinner. After wandering around for a bit we decided upon New York Bread which seemed to be mostly a burger place. It wasn’t the cheapest but compared to the steak and lobster place next door it was much cheaper. I decided on the avocado burger. My friend ended up ordering french fries and a beer, mostly due to the price of salad (it was surprisingly expensive), and not feeling to well. She ended up with a lot of french fries that were brought to her in a fryer basket.


The best part was surprisingly the chips which seemed to be homemade as they came out hot and in one case not fully fried.  The burger was good, I couldn’t eat all of it since below a layer of lettuce was a surprisingly spicy sauce, but thankfully the “bacon”, burger and avocado were all on the other side of the lettuce so I could enjoy it with a fork and knife.


The atmosphere was also fun. We grabbed a seat, perused the menu and filled out a form that we then took up to the front to place our order and pay. The menu was in both English and Korean and there was a nice little condiment and water cart with American Flag blankets underneath. (We sat by large open windows, so I can see how that could get cold).  New York Bread is open from  11:30am until 10:30pm.

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