Gangneung Green City Experience Center E-zen 강릉 녹색도시체험센터 E-ZEN

Our teacher’s trip this year brought me not only back to the East Sea where I’d been only a couple days prior, but also back to Gangneung where I’d been for the Olympics. Our trip was one night and two-ish days. We didn’t have much planned the first day, other than a very boring lecture at a random school that was 100% in Korean that even my coworkers complained was boring and confusing and I can’t figure out why we went. It wasn’t even in Gangneung. But once in Gangneung we checked into our rooms at the E-zen.


We slept on the floor, which is kind of normal for one of our teacher trips and our room included two bedroom spaces, a large living room, bathroom and a kitchen. Outside of our room was a water fountain and down the hall was a shower room. (This was needed since we had 7 people in our room and one bathroom, however the shower room did not have toilets). The room with the best air conditioning went to our vice principal and the older staff members took the other room, leaving myself and two other coworkers to sleep in the large living room. This is what I wanted since it was larger and despite having iffy AC the air flow was better. In Korea people, especially my coworkers, turn off all fans and AC at night. This means if I’d slept in any of the enclosed rooms I would’ve roasted by morning.

There are apparently experiences at the E-zen but we didn’t do any of those. Instead we just headed out back to the marsh, past the aquarium, to look at the flowers. It was very beautiful.

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