Burger Works 버거웍스

When one of the teacher’s was planning the trip they asked me if I had any requests or suggestions and I asked that maybe this one time we skipped on the raw seafood feast that we always do. I’m a bit scarred from the last one where we ate the fish out of their own carcass and they just stared back at us. I’m also not a huge fan of it to begin with and in the past we barely make a dent and it feels like a waste of money. On top of that my coworkers tend to do a lot of drinking at these dinners and it turns into a drunken mess because the sashimi isn’t really a good base, and I’d rather if I’m going to join in have something a bit more substantial.

She agreed and then before we left came up to me and apologized telling me that I’d been out voted, it seems our new group of teachers are quite fond of raw seafood. So after sitting down at the sashimi restaurant and eating my noodles and preparing to eat rice and whatever cooked side dishes popped up next to me and maybe a piece or two of raw fish that same coworker asked if I’d rather have a burger. I was a bit surprised and we left the restaurant to go downstairs and next door where there was a Burger Works.


With some help reading the menu I ordered the Works Burger set which we got to go and took back to the sashimi restaurant.


The burger was pretty good. Though it was bigger than it needed to be, pilled high on a salads worth of lettuce. The fries were also surprising. There were two different types. A plain potato wedge and then a seasoned fry. I ate it all quite happily. The restaurant also looked quite nice, but of course I couldn’t sit at the burger restaurant next door while all my coworkers were drinking to the end of the semester over seafood.

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