KAL Hotel

The first hotel we stayed at in Jeju was the KAL Hotel. It’s a five star hotel that we got a discount on, and we were lured to it by the swimming pool that they used to advertise. My aunt loves to swim. She gets up at 5am to do laps every day. We thought it’d be a great treat for her and ourselves. They also served breakfast which we figured would save time. We took a taxi from the airport to the hotel, stored our stuff went out and about and then came back to check in.


Our rooms were nice, the big bed made it somewhat cramped but it was still nice. I looked over the included things in the room which wasn’t much, a giant water bottle and some toiletries in the bathroom. They offered a lot of things via mini bar that were not free, which is normal, including normal sized water. My aunt headed straight to the pool, only to return shortly a bit frustrated. The pool wasn’t included. There was a little desk outside the pool where you had to pay between $16-$30 to get in. ($16 being a discount for people staying at the hotel and it had to be paid per person per time you went) You also needed a swimmers cap which they didn’t sell. Paying to go into the pool was part of their fitness package which also allowed you into the sauna, gym and aerobics studio, which on their website doesn’t say that to use these is an additional cost let alone how much. Breakfast also it turned out was an additional fee of around $20 per person. Essentially the only thing included in our stay was the wifi, some toiletries, and a large bottle of water. It was really too expensive to do anything else in the hotel so we were grateful there was a couple convenience stores and restaurants nearby. It didn’t feel like a five star hotel, which was disappointing. Also despite buses coming in and out from the airport (with KAL staff and pilots) there were no shuttles to or from the airport for regular guests.

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