Mysterious Road (Dokkaebi/Goblin Road) 도깨비 도로

A short walk from Loveland and the art museum is the Mysterious Road. An optical illusion that is fun for anyone driving a car or with a bottle ofwater. Along the road are several different small shops and cafes. There’s also some statues, like a goblin statue and a pig statue.

Statue of two adult pigs and a bunch of baby pigs

Due to the area around the road it gives off the illusion that things are rolling uphill. So if you pour water on the road it will look like it’s moving the wrong way, or like we did, if you set a soju bottle down it will roll off. Cars in the area also tend to move slowly to experience the feeling that the car is rolling uphill when it’s actually in neutral and you’re foot is off the accelerator. It’s a fun area and if you have interest in Loveland or the art museum then you might as well go. We tested the optical illusion along the white lines that were painted in the road near the pig statues.

Cars moving slowly along the Mysterious Road

I’ve included a very short clip of our soju bottle rolling what appears to be uphill.


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