Toyoko-inn #145

After a delicious okonomiyaki lunch we headed to our hotel. We were already pretty exhausted and the day had frustratingly gotten away from us despite us not accomplishing much beyond errands. Our hotel was pretty close to Hiroshima station and we could’ve walked, but we didn’t. Instead we used our passes to go one stop away via the bus and then hike a couple blocks. We were ready to collapse by the time we made it in. Heat this summer was no joke.

view from the lobby including umbrellas you can borrow

We had to all hand over our passports and then since I had my own room I had to fill out some paperwork. (My uncle filled out the paperwork for both my aunt and him.) I was given a gift of Olive sample face products and then we took the elevator up to our rooms. The hallways were not air conditioned, but the rooms were after w put the key in. The key was a bit confusing at first since it wasn’t something we were use to.

The keys worked like this, you put the rectangle key-chain in the little orange slot that said “in”. They also requested that when we left the building to give them the keys. Which made sense and was probably for the best since we were prone on our trip to lose things. (The amount of times taxi’s/cars had turned around after dropping us off to return with my aunt and uncles bags was a bit ridiculous)



The bed and lamps. The pillow on the bed was filled with beans. I liked it but my aunt and uncle did not. 

The other confusion we had was where the wifi password was. It was on the TV. When the key went in the slot the power turned on including the TV and the TV opened to a screen with a ton of information including what the wifi password was. Also included was shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a fridge. Water wasn’t included but there were a ton of vending machines downstairs where we could buy a bottle of water for 100 yen which was a bit cheaper then other vending machines. They also had a water cooler where you could refill a water bottle. There was also an ice machine on the first floor as well as an area for coin laundry with an option to buy soap. Breakfast was even included.

Every day included bread, jam, seasoned rice balls, and a type of soup. The other options fluctuated. One day there were meatballs, another day a ton of noodles. They also had coffee and juice.

It was a nice hotel with a good location and a lot of things included. They have hotels all over Japan (several in Hiroshima) and I even saw that they had some in Korea.  We really enjoyed our stay with them.

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