Noku Kyoto ノク 京都

If any hotel won all of our love during this trip it was Noku Kyoto. After my uncle started our travel day with a misadventure (he hiked out of his way to the post office when there’d been one at Hiroshima station) we took the Shinkasen up to Kyoto from Hiroshima. It was a fun ride and relaxing and just the right amount of peaceful resting my uncle needed. From Kyoto station we made our way to our hotel which was right outside the subway station Marutamachi, which we could take directly to and from Kyoto station. Our hotel was right up some stairs outside exit four. It’s location was perfectly convenient to do some easy sightseeing. We checked in and then were sent up to our rooms, where the staff explained everything.

Everything in the fridge was for us. This included two bottles of water, juice and tea. There was coffee, tea, sugar and both traditional and European style tea cups. There were local traditional sweets in the cabinet for us to try. There was even a smart phone we could use during our stay to take out and about with us. In the bathroom there was not only shampoo, conditioner and body wash and the general but fluctuating options of toiletries but also bath salts.

I was so pleased. After all our walking all I wanted to do was soak in a bathtub for hours. Breakfast was also included with our room and they had two restaurants. A traditional restaurant in the basement where we could use our breakfast vouchers for one of two items or the cafe on the main floor where we could have a more Western breakfast. Since we were there for two breakfasts we tried both. The basement traditional restaurant was nice. My aunt ordered the Shabu Shabu which was something she wanted to try and was quite pleased with her single person hot pot.


My uncle and I got the Kyoto specialty tofu sets which was a ridiculous amount of tofu prepared different ways with a ton of rice. It also included a very bitter and dark almost purple version of miso soup.


On our second morning we tried the cafe which sold sets. You could either get a vegetarian/vegan friendly set or a meat set. We ended up with a meat set which included sausage, potatoes, egg, ham and fruit. Then we got to pick our side. My aunt ordered a cheese toast which she loved and again my uncle and I got the same thing which was pancakes. They also brought us yogurt to start off with. It was delicious and they had a self serve drink area with plenty of tea, coffee and juice.

It was really a lovely place to stay for our last couple of nights together. It allowed us to try things we didn’t have time to try food wise and enjoy some local specialties. It felt like what we’d expected the five star hotel we’d stayed at at the beginning to be like but hadn’t been.


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