Marumo Kitchen: bowl cafe マルモキッチン 京都ポルタ店

We had a tour planned for the afternoon that would meet at Kyoto station at 2pm. So after a walk through the park and rest,  we headed to the station to get some lunch. We decided we’d walk through Porta, one of the underground shopping malls and just pick what we wanted there. It took awhile but eventually we ended up at Marumo Kitchen.

My aunt and uncle split a specialty seafood bowl that they got as a set.


They enjoyed it though each found things they didn’t fully enjoy. Like they hadn’t expected the majority of the seafood to be raw and my aunt ended up having a mild allergic reaction to the soup.

I ordered the bbq rice and pork with seven vegetables set and a milk tea.


It was pretty good. I ate all of it and enjoyed it, however my milk tea turned out to be iced tea that they then gave me a simple syrup and coffee creamer to mix in and turn it into milk tea. On the one hand it made me realize I could make milk tea in a way that I hadn’t before and on the other hand left me a bit disappointed. I did however enjoy that it was a nice place to grab a filling and healthy lunch.  My rice bowl was about 1,296 yen and my milk tea was 216 yen. They also offered English menus and you could add things to your bowl if you wanted.


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