For  breakfast on my free day my friend and I got up early to go get some special pancakes, only to learn everyone else had beaten us there and we’d have to wait. Too hungry to wait until noon for pancakes we wandered back down one of the side streets of Harajuku and ended up at Yukinohana. It wasn’t very busy and they boasted fluffy french toast of four different flavors: fruit, banana caramel, ricotta and kinako and black honey french toast. They also offer soups, pasta and their specialty which is sweet shaved ice desserts. I ordered the fruit french toast and a royal milk tea. There is about a 15 minute wait on the french toast, but we had over an hour to kill so it was fine.


It came with syrup, whipped butter and jam and in a very hot skillet. It was perfect to tide me over before eating second-breakfast.

Yukinohana opens at 10 am and is open until 10pm. They have four locations. The one we went to in Harajuku, one in Osaka at Dotonbori, one in Shinsaibashi and a fourth in Qingdao China.

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