One of my goals while on my short trip to Tokyo was to meet up with my friend who I only see about once a year. Last year she took me to an awesome Hallal certified Ramen shop and this year we met up for sushi. This is her favorite sushi shop in Tokyo, a chain that can be found all over. Usually, according to my friend, it has line around the block. Maybe we were lucky and maybe it was because it was a holiday but our wait was very short and we were able to wait inside next to the robot where you check in.  There’s a language button so you can change the language. You essentially need to use the robot twice. One to check in and get a number, and then to confirm that you’re there when a table is ready.

robot greeter with touch screen menu and language options

We got a nice booth and were able to watch the sushi go by. It’s similar to many other conveyor belt sushi shops. You have a touch screen menu where you can go through the seasonal specials and regular sushi and then order them. It plays a little tune when your sushi is close so you can grab it off the conveyor belt and enjoy. Then when you’re ready to leave you use the machine to call a staff member over who will count up all your plates and give you a receipt. You pay at the front. Cold water and ice cubes are self serve but at your table is hot water and green tea powder as well as several different add-ons. Wet tissues were also above the conveyor belt so if we needed them we just had to grab one from the basket next to all the cups for tea.

We went to the one a short walk from the JR Kamata station which is open from 11am to 11pm daily.



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