Jungle Book Cafe 정글북 북카페

When planning my trip I picked out two cafes I wanted to visit. The first one turned out to be a bust since the map directions were all wrong. The second one I triple checked. I was concerned the entire time that I wouldn’t be able to find it, especially since according to the maps it was in the middle of a group of buildings yet all the pictures made it look like it was outside.

It ended up making sense once I got there. The entrance was on the side and you walked between buildings down a path that opened into a lush green cafe with open windows to enjoy the nice day.

The menu is in Korean. It took me forever to read with my low level Korean and thankfully they weren’t too busy. The words are mostly easy to understand if you can read Korean. They offer a wide variety of teas and coffee as well as some interesting lattes and shakes. They also do sets and open sandwiches which are a slice of bread covered in something sweet that you can pick one of and have with an americano or you can order all four to try for 13,500 won. This is the menu as of early October which I’ve written the English next to. The menu may have changed by when you’re reading this.

Korean and English menu

The cafe is broken up into about three rooms, two of which are similar to a library in feel. One with a large table for groups to study and the other with smaller separate areas for individual study. The walls are lined with books and it’s so utterly lovely and peaceful. The third room is a filled with tables and an abundance of plants.

I sat in that room, charging my phone and helping myself to water with plants everywhere and waited for my order. I ended up ordering a chocolate banana shake (6,000won) and an avocado and blueberry jam (3,900 won) from the Open the Jungle, Jungle Fresh part of the menu. (It’s open sandwich B)

My chocolate banana shake and avocado and blueberry jam sandwich

My food came out on a large wooden tray with a doily. The chocolate banana shake was delightful and on top sat two cute animal cookies. The avocado and blueberry jam was enjoyable as well. It was a piece of bread covered in blueberry jam, avocado with sliced almonds on top and then drizzled in honey.

I loved the atmosphere of the cafe. When I first arrived it was very quiet, everyone was enjoying their drinks and a book. As the day progressed more groups did come and chat and take pictures (In South Korea you can’t mute the shutter sound on your phone so everyone around is always aware you’re taking photos) But it didn’t destroy the atmosphere that felt very reminiscent of the book that it had selected as it’s theme. Sitting in the garden room I did feel a bit lost in a jungle of plants and it was just the perfect place to rest and write before continuing my day.

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  1. I spotted this by chance walking around downtown and not finding the way back to the street where I started exploring.
    It is probably easiest to find if you head for the emergency hospital and cross the street..A longer walk from the Asia culture center.

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