Moving: Update

My favorite Bradbury quote goes like this:

“Jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down.”— Ray Bradbury

While in reality a lot of changes I make in my life include some sort of organized planning a lot of it still feels like I’m sprinting into the great unknown. There’s an element of surprise to it, like right now I’m in the midst of moving for the first time in four years. It’s a lot to pack and I’ve realized I don’t have as much free time as I’d like to actually do it.

I spent a couple years wanting to move but too scared to, I was too comfortable and then I realized that I’d allowed myself to get comfortable in a space that wasn’t actually as comfortable as I thought it was. And it’s been hindering my growth. Moving is scary, changing jobs is scary, trying to figure out how to pack four years of my life into boxes and suitcases, what to take, what to donate and throw away, what to leave for the next person and how to get it from one end of Gyeonggi-do to the other is stressful. I probably should be watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix series. But while I’m doing this I figured now is a good of time as any to share my experiences, all the things I learned that I wish someone else had told me or things I get asked often.

When you live abroad for awhile you start getting a lot of frequently asked questions. For some people this is from strangers, for me, it’s a lot of friends and friends of friends, and sometimes my friends’ students. I don’t mind answering these questions but I figured to save myself some time and energy in the future by writing a bit more in-depth about my life in Korea. So for a couple of weeks while I move from one end of Gyeonggi-do to the other and adjust to my new job and get acclimated, instead of going on hiatus, I’m going to answer some of those FAQ’s.

These posts will be in place of my regular posts, which will resume afterwards. (Probably mid March or April)

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