25 degrees

25° is a restaurant across from The Chinese Theater. It’s where I decided to have lunch after catching a glance of some good reviews when planning my day in LA. 25° can be found on the first floor of the Roosevelt Hotel. There’s plenty of seating and they specialize in burgers.


I had meant to eat at In and Out the night before with my friend after I arrived in LA but I was just too tired. (I’ve also had In and Out before since it can be found in Texas) So I hadn’t had my “all-American” meal yet.

I made my own burger,  choosing a sirloin ($14) with American cheese ($2) and caramelized onions ($1.50). I also got a chocolate malt ($9).


I sat at the bar and put in my order. It took a bit but was all very good. I was pretty pleased that I was brought not just my malt, but the leftovers from the shaker they’d made the malt in. I definitely got all $9 worth.

shaker with malt leftovers on the left, free water in the middle, and actual malt on the right.

They also offer a lot of fun cocktails and alcoholic drinks that if this hadn’t been the start of my day (mostly spent on my own) I would’ve tried one of their spiked shakes (all about $14)

I was really happy with my visit, I ended up at 25° around 2pm and it wasn’t too busy but also wasn’t dead. There was plenty of space and the location made it a good place to eat while visiting The Chinese Theater or Walk of Fame.

25° is open 24 hours 7 days a week. From 6am until 11:30am they offer breakfast.

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