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A friend wanted to catch up so we both met up in Hongdae. While I was waiting for her I looked around exit 3 and saw an interesting looking pizza shop and decided I really wanted to go. She agreed somewhat reluctantly until she saw how the food actually looked and decided on a salad.


There’s two options. You can order at the bar, a bit like at Subway where you choose what you want as you go or on a touch screen (Which is in English or Korean). You start by picking the type of pizza crust you want, then the sauce (tomato based, pesto based, or white sauce) then your choice of cheese, vegetables and protein. You can only add about 6 things at the touch screen. If you want more than that you want to do it in person at the counter. You also need to put in your buzzer number at the beginning and then it’ll ask you for your happy point information, which can get you stuck if your Korean isn’t very good.  (Happy Point is a reward card for various restaurants and chains in Korea) Both my friend and I got to the happy point rewards section and couldn’t complete check out on our own because suddenly it was a number pad with Korean and wouldn’t let us easily cancel the happy point or skip to the next part. A staff member ended up coming over and helping. (Thankfully there’s a call button) I have Happy Point I just didn’t have my card on me so it was just a mess.

The cobb salad (9,900won) my friend ordered and her americano, dressing and water.

The food though was delicious and it was nice being able to get a pizza in Korea with what I wanted on it and not….corn, honey mustard and onions automatically a part of it. Also my friend loved her salad and was delighted when she found to her surprise that there was avocado in it as well.

my pizza creation

A regular crust pizza with tomato sauce, basil, oregano, secret cheese mix, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms and chicken. (I wanted to add garlic but didn’t want to cancel and re-do my order all over again at the counter) It was delicious and I was very happy with it. Pizza’s are about 13,000 won.

When eating in the utensils are self serve, so this includes pepper flakes and Parmesan, silverware, napkins and wet tissues. Our foods came on trays and mine was very sticky so the wet tissues were necessary.

Pizza up is open daily from 11:30am until 11pm. It can be found outside of exit 3at Hongik University station. Just turn left and it’ll be on your left. They also serve beer and

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