Miss Yoon in Wonderland 이상한 나라의 미쓰윤

I’ve seen pictures of Miss Yoon in wonderland all over my social media and on lists of “hidden gems” that it’s begun to feel like a must visit place.  In the summer it becomes a 5 floor eclectic wonderland. There’s a pool, what looks like a club in the basement and so many floors to explore. But those weren’t open when my friends and I went.


Alice in Wonderland was one of my favorite childhood stories and so I’ve been wanting to go for awhile, vary curious to know what there was beyond the random skirt lamps that I saw all the time on my Instagram.


I honesty thought it was a themed cafe at first. (In all fairness it does come up often as a cafe or on lists for must visit cafes) But it’s not, not really. It’s a restaurant, with food and alcohol at night. So much so that when I tried to order tea from their menu our waitress told us no and showed me the alcohol section. I managed to ask someone else and ended up with a nice cup of peppermint tea which my sick self was very grateful for.

Miss Yoon’s is quite fun to explore, so while we waited for a table that’s what we did.  We watched a very strange music video playing on a TV in a deserted hallway that turned out to be an advertisement for clothes. Why a long non-Korean music video for what I thought was an american clothing brand was playing I have no clue, but it definitely added to the bizarre wonderland feeling of the place.

We had decided this was what we’d have for dinner and after perusing the menu each decided on a different pasta/risotto. We figured it was well liked with foreigners that this seemed a safe bet. However it wasn’t particularly cheap.

Cute place mat with very unique almost black silverware

I ended up with my peppermint tea and what I thought was a simple pasta.


It was…okay.  There was some conflicting flavors that I just couldn’t handle. I don’t know what green stuff ended up getting dumped on in a giant mound but it was not something I enjoyed and I ended up not eating more than one or two bites of the meat. I was expecting meatballs or junks of meat and not a giant bone with meat around it in the center of my pasta.  Plus, again, odd conflicting flavors my palate did not enjoy. I did eat the noodles (minus the ones buried under the green mystery flakes)  but that was about it. And I fared better than both of my friends. One friend got a mushroom risotto and the other an even plainer pasta. Both of my other friends tried the mushroom risotto and just couldn’t handle more than one bite. It was a mushroom lovers paradise, but too much for either of them and  it ended up giving them both an upset stomach.


My  basic peppermint tea though was totally fine. But after talking to my friends and them talking to their friends there seems to be an agreement. The cafe style of the restaurant seems nice. People like to go for a cup of tea or coffee and maybe a snack. But for dinner it can be a hit or a miss. And it’s a bit expensive to chance that sometimes. However it’s got a cute atmosphere and definitely fun to explore, and I’m sure even more so in summer when it’s no longer bizarrely empty on all other floors.  It’s also probably nice for a nightcap if you’re passing by and just want to enjoy a nice glass of wine or something with Disney’s (animated) Alice in Wonderland playing in loop in the background or in the cute outdoor seating.

Miss Yoon’s in Wonderland seems to be open from 10am until 2:30pm with a bit of a break and then they open again at 4:30 and stay open until 2am.

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