I like fish. I don’t like raw fish but a simple cooked fish is probably my favorite thing and the biggest change since moving abroad. I can survive with all the bones even though I find them annoying but I still love it. After wandering around a mall trying to stay cool I figured it’d be a good time to grab some lunch.

Nasi Lemak with Selar fish

I got Nasi Lemak  which I had had before in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. Nasi Lemak is a coconut rice dish usually served with cucumber and peanuts, egg and anchovies. There’s also usually a big piece of protein, either chicken or fish (in this case selar) and some sambal which is a chili paste that you can usually ask for on the side. To save from wasting it I asked for it without. It was quite good. The fish was well seasoned, though a plastic fork and spoon were probably not the best tools for de-boning a crispy fish. The anchovies were also much bigger than what I’m use to in Korea but still quite good. It was a great lunch and not too expensive.

Crave can be found throughout Singapore and even delivered. Their hours seem to be from 10am until 10pm. Crave also offers their Nasi Lemak with beef rendang, chicken cutlets or chicken wing. The chicken and selar fish cost 5.90 while the beef rendang is 9.90.

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