Koong Woh Tong

If you’ve ever had someone visit you for the weekend and played host or tour guide I’m sure you’re aware it’s utterly exhausting. You go places you don’t normal go to, or have ever been to, you eat a ton of food outside of your regular diet and you tend to just be exhausted by the time the person goes home. This all hit my friends (and myself) by my second day/last day of my whirlwind visit of Singapore. I was exhausted from a lack of sleep combo’d with heat and humidity and so much walking and they were in a similar boat, adding to it the food we’d been eating they felt we needed something to help and took me to a mall to visit Koong Woh Tong. (They have a very fun website you can visit here)

Menu found on the table showcasing herbal jellies and herbal teas and symptoms that “could” be relieved such as “heatiness” (fever), “cough”, “flu”, as week as benefits such as “detox”, nourishing and beautification of skin, “moisturizing and good for eye sight” and so many more depending on which thing you order.

We ordered a vegan friendly version of Guiling Gao. (龟苓膏) Guiling Gao traditionally is made with powdered tortoise shell and is usually pretty expensive. But the kind sold at Koong Woh Tong isn’t as bad price wise and includes just as many health benefits as you can see from their menu that was on the table. Plus it’s vegan, no tortoise shell found in this jelly.

A semi mess cup full of our herbal jelly with three bowls next to it with three spoons and a tea pot in the background.

While they offer a variety of teas we ordered their herbal jelly and got some tea to go with it. We scooped the herbal jelly into our own cups and poured tea over it. It was delightful and a wonderful way to take a break and restart. Ours was about $9.

Koong Woh Tong can be found all over Malaysia and in about 9 different spots in Singapore. It’s originally a Malaysian company, but expanded to Singapore recently. (2017/2018)

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