Tiong Bahru Bakery

After our failure to find the merlion one of my friends suggested we head to his favorite cafe to have a pick me up. We grabbed a seat and looked over the menu which was quite fun. They had a coffee on the menu called “magic” and a juice called “Pick me up”. While these were interesting and I loved the design of how they showed their drinks (each has a picture that shows a breakdown of the drink in a simplistic fashion. You can check out their menu here. )

The thing that stuck out to me the most was called a “bluebell latte”. (It no longer seems to be on their menu, or at least it isn’t online).

After grabbing a seat we went up to the bakery to pick out some treats and ask about their drinks. I asked about the bluebell latte and was told it was a blue pea flower and coconut milk latte. We also ordered a coconut cheese cake, apple crumble, and their signature kouigan amann from the counter and then returned to our table.


It was all delicious. I loved how bright and colorful my bluebell latte and despite being made out of a bright blue flower it didn’t taste like I was drinking crushed flowers.


The kouigan aman was sweet, flaky and a little crunchy chewy. Kouigan aman is a French pastry and means cake butter, it’s originally from Brittany and is Tiong Bahru Bakeries #1 best seller.


The coconut cheesecake was also quite delightful, but I also am a huge fan of coconut and cheesecake so it would’ve really been hard for me to not enjoy something creamy with a nice sweet/salty crunch crust covered in coconut.

Tiong Bahru Bakery can be found in 6 different locations in Singapore. All of them are open daily starting at 8am with closing times varying depending on location. (varying from 6pm to 10pm). The menu also varies depending on location. The one found at Raffles City Shopping Centre offers a wider variety including hot meals.


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