Fat Boy sandwiches 팻보이 샌드위치

I miss sandwiches. There are sandwiches in Korea but they’re not the same. The bread is usually white bread and it’s soggy with mayonnaise or jam or both. I miss options of cheeses and meats and bread types. Beyond what subway offers. (There are Subways in Korea, and the one near me automatically will pop whatever sandwich I ordered into the oven unless I catch them and tell them not to bake it. Sometimes I don’t want my guacamole hot.)

Their menu

I met one of my friends who was heading home this summer (It’s the season of goodbyes again) and she invited me for a quick lunch before she had to go do other things and I had to go get x-rays. We got the Sunday Roast Beef to share which has roast beef, swiss cheese, and horseradish aioli on baguette style bread. I ordered a Sprite to go with it while my friend got a Coke zero.

Our Ruben with its one lone pickle on the side.

It was pretty good and there was a lot to it. They weren’t skimpy on anything. It even came with a pickle that wasn’t a sweet one that we split like a wishbone. They also have some fun Star Wars burgers you can order but we were a bit too hot and not hungry enough for a burger. A half of a sandwich ended up being enough for each of us.

Fatboy sandwiches is open from 9am until 9pm Monday through Saturday and on Sundays from 11am until 4pm. There is seating inside but it’s one large table. There are also a couple of tables and chairs outside but it was way too hot for that.


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