Amasvin bubble tea 아마스빈버블티

I’m slowly enjoying trying all the little cafes I can find and seem to currently be in a bubble tea phase. Bubble tea is a drink with chewy tapioca pearls in it.  I’ve been wanting to go to Amasvin for awhile but usually walk past it after already having something sweet or having been to a cafe. But I finally got a chance to grab one at my local shop. (They’re a chain and can be found throughout Korea.)

Their menu is mostly in Korean but they set out a banner of their most popular menu items which had some English. You can check out their full menu here. Please note it’s all in Korean. I have however translated the menu and made a picture of the menu in English that goes in the same order as the picture of the menu on the left.  Their menu is broken up into different types of drinks that include bubbles from milk tea, lattes, ades and sodas, fruit juices, smoothies and shakes to coffee. They also serve a special green tea from Hadong (a county in Korea known for its tea).


Amasvin is very cute. It’s got cute mascots everywhere, from the lid of the drinks to the sleeve to all the art they stick up in and around the shop. I decided on their melon shake. (3,700 won) It was quite nice. The tapioca pearls weren’t hard and chewy like some other recent milk tea I’ve had and it tasted like honeydew melon which I greatly liked, especially with how hot and humid it’s been lately. It was refreshing.

After sitting down and translating their menu I realized they have a lot more things I want to try and am excited to try. They also serve ice cream waffles and a couple other snacks.

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