Coffee Hyang 커피 향

There’s a lot of cafes around Sanbon station. I’ve noticed this two floor cafe a couple times and have been intrigued. What kind of place is just called Coffee and is two floors? Turns out a pretty fancy looking place.


It’s the perfect spot if you want a private cafe setting. You’re shown to a private booth where either you sit in a nice chair or can sit traditional style on the floor. (Note: while the booth is private the wall between you and the next booth doesn’t reach the ceiling so if your neighbors are being loud it’s still going to be obnoxious. It’s not sound proof.)

If you’re ready to order you just push the call button on the table and a staff member will come and take your order.  I ordered a milk tea and my friend got a vanilla shake. We split an order of honey bread (6,500 won).


It doesn’t look particularly bad but honey bread also isn’t my favorite thing. It was sour and for my friend not soft enough. She did however enjoy her vanilla shake. On the other hand my milk tea…


One thing I’ve come to learn after living in Asia is that there’s good tapioca pearls and there’s just horrifically awful tapioca pearls. It’s a different type of texture when it comes to chewy. It should be a softy bouncy chewy. These were…a hard old chewy. They felt heavy and just weren’t any good. The milk tea was fine but I just couldn’t get over how awful the tapioca pearls were that I felt very disappointed. It could’ve just been a bad batch or an old batch but I probably will skip the milk tea next time. Their other drinks include a ton of coffees, teas, ice cream drinks and frappes. Here are some menu pages. They do sell more then this.

A quick note is that Coffee Hyang is on the third and fourth level. There is an elevator but the only way to catch the elevator is to go up a flight of stairs. There is not an elevator in the cafe and you have to take stairs between floors.

You pay when you’re ready to leave at one of the counters. Coffee Hyang is open from 11:30am until 12:30am.



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