Ver’s house 벌스하우스


Ver’s cafe is a plant cafe located in Hongdae. They’ve packed every inch they could of their two story cafe with plants and if you’re missing nature this is a good spot to grab something to drink and rest.

I went with a friend on a sweltering hot day. Just walking through the arched walkway and into the greenery covered area, it immediately cooled off. Inside they were also running the AC which we greatly appreciated. First we were told to go find a seat so we headed upstairs and grabbed a large table all for ourselves. It’s probably a table meant for groups and they do have a bar with stools for people who are on their own and want to be alone as well as smaller tables for smaller groups and some outdoor seating. But this big table was right below the air conditioner and next to the bathroom. So we wanted it. (And it wasn’t too busy.)


The table was big and underneath a piece of glass was a small garden. It was very cool to look at.


After putting our things down we went back downstairs to order. I wanted something cold. But I also wanted some of their tea. I asked if it was okay to get one of their teas cold but they suggested that it worked much better hot. (I also just noticed that the menu says Please order one drink per person and I think they either kindly let us mess up or they thought I was ordering for my friend until I paid and then she placed her order so they didn’t say anything. Because there was only two of us and we got three drinks. Whoops.) I ordered the Garden tea and one of their iced milk teas. They told us they’d bring us our drinks to our seat. So we went back upstairs.

They also serve a variety of very pretty looking desserts which you can see next to the counter on the right. We didn’t order any of these. My friend had made me homemade scones that I planned to enjoy when I got home. So I didn’t need any other sweets.


The Garden Tea which is 8,000 won is pretty much sold only hot (you can ask for ice but they’ll tell you it’s best served hot). It’s made fresh as you can tell from the picture, with ingredients probably pulled from the garden.


My friend ordered their honey lemon mint tea (also 8,000 won) which came with cute ice cubes with flowers inside. It was a redemption tea after another tea she had last time we were out that had weird jellies in it and was overly sweet. She was able, since they make it fresh in house, to ask for less honey so it wasn’t as sweet.


The last thing I got was some iced milk tea which came in it’s own to-go bottle. It was an earl grey milk tea and they brought me a glass filled with ice and a cinnamon stick. It was quite nice, I never would have thought to add cinnamon to milk tea, but it did make it much better. (I like cinnamon, it’s not a popular flavor in Korea because there’s a medicine with a similar flavor profile. Kinda like the US and certain fake cherry/grape flavors.) This was also 8,000 won. If you get it hot it’s cheaper.


We sat for awhile enjoying the quiet atmosphere and catching up. It was a really nice space and the perfect space to recharge.


Ver’s house is open daily from 12 until 10pm. And if you get your drink to go there will be a 2,000 won discount.  There is plenty of spaces to grab a seat so make sure to explore first before making your choice. (Unless it’s crowded, then just grab the first seat you see). They also had outdoor seating, but it was too hot for that.

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