J.S. Pancake cafe ジェイエス パンケーキカフェ

After a good nights rest at Hotel Monterey Sapporo, I decided to head out in search of breakfast. While in Japan I’m okay with eating breakfast (or many meals) at a convenience store, I decided not to for two reasons. One, my dinner the night before when I’d arrived in the pouring rain had been from the nearby 711 and two this was my first time in Sapporo. I wanted to eat somewhere in town since I planned to eat at the hotel the following day.

After some quick research I decided on J.S. Pancake cafe which was right above the train station which would be perfect. I could go have breakfast then head out for my day trip.

I decided to order their melon and elder-flower pancakes with some JS blend iced tea. The pancakes themselves were thick with a beautiful dome on top made of honeydew melon and it was topped with chamomile cream. It came with an elderflower syrup. I loved it, the melon tasted so fresh. (There’s a good chance it was local since one of the big things Hokkaido grows is melon.)


This was one of their summer specials. I was pretty happy with it because it wasn’t overly sweet. You can check out their regular menu (without any of the specials) here.

J.S. Pancake cafe is a chain that can be found in several parts of Japan. There is only one though is all of Hokkaido and it’s the one I visited. It can be found in the third floor of Stellar Place which can easily be reached from Sapporo station. They’re open from 10am until 9pm with the last order 8:30pm.

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