Shikisai-no-oka/ Shikisai hills/ 四季彩の丘

I was pretty happy after Farm Tomita. I didn’t care where else we went on our tour. I’d just marked the biggest goal off my list for all of Hokkaido. Didn’t care that the lavender hadn’t been in peak season. I’d still seen and smelled some and ate lavender themed snacks.

I wasn’t really sure what Shikisai no oka was. Turns out more flower fields. But this time with a twist. Alpacas and little trains and ATV’s. It reminded me a lot of farms and orchards back home trying to get visitors to come visit by all the activities beyond looking at or buying what they produce.


I tried to decide whether it was worth it, or if I even had enough time, to visit the alpacas. When I walked in the direction of the alpaca experience a huge crowd of tourists rushed past me and formed a very long line. Add that with seeing the alpaca’s cost extra and it smelled pretty strongly, I gave up and decided to just wander very carefully around the fields.


The paths were not even at all, let alone smooth for walking. And in the rain it didn’t feel particularly safe. So I didn’t go all the way. I did walk along some of the paths. Some didn’t continue on and just stopped without leading down to the rainbow field.


It felt like a maze, one that I’m sure would’ve been much more annoying if I really wanted to get close to the rainbow field and was short on time. Since I didn’t care and was enjoying the view from where I was, it was fine. I was also trying to pace myself and rest my feet, because rushing around in Otaru the day before had definitely hadn’t helped things.

I think there’s a lot more for families to do at this farm, but it was also not the easiest to navigate around. And all of the activities do cost extra.  If you’re concerned about time or the terrain you might want to rent a buggie or cart. Buggies go around the white birch garden and start at 500 yen and carts that fit about 4 people are 2000 yen ($20) for 15 minutes. If you want to go with other people there is a tractor ride that’s also about 15 minutes long and seems like a popular choice. It stops for photos once and is over 500 yen.  In winter you can still visit the farm and rent a snowmobile or a sled or tube.


The hours changed depending on season and there are also a couple cafes and places to get snacks while you’re wandering around. Also some shops that sell local goods and cute alpaca things. I bought corn. Because I had to.  The corn in Hokkaido is so good.


I feel like despite being rainy and crowded I did have fun wandering around Shikisai no oka. I think they’re probably a great spot to visit if you’re traveling on your own and have plenty of time to enjoy the flowers and the hike to get closer to them as well as visiting the alpacas or just going for a ride. It was very pretty and a great surprise since I hadn’t known what it was. If you visit on your own please note that they do ask for a 200 yen donation. Flowers bloom from April to October. This flower farm has many more flowers and different types that make their blooming season much longer.


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