Patchwork no Michi パッチワークの路

The final thing on our itinerary was Patchwork no Michi or the Patchwork road. I’m not sure what I was expecting but at its basic component the patchwork road is an area of Biei where due to local farming looks a bit like a quilt or a “patchwork” of different fields growing different things. I guess as someone who grew up in a rural landscape the August views weren’t the most impressive to me, at least not on the road we were on.

ケンとメリーの木 (Ken & Mary poplar tree from a 1973 Nissan commercial for their Starline car.)

Some tours and groups of people on their own stopped to take pictures in different locations, mostly of famous trees from advertisements. But we didn’t stop and kept driving. Some of the trees were pointed out to us as we passed though. 20190810_162507.jpg

セブンスターの木 7 star tobacco company’s oak tree from one of their souvenir packages

At the beginning of our tour I was disappointed because the tour wasn’t what I expected, but eventually when the tour audio ended I was sad that it was over. I loved learning about Hokkaido and the areas we were traveling through. I think it’s a good tour, especially if you’re on your own because you can just do what you want as long as you make sure you’re back on the bus in time.


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