Candeo Hotels カンデオホテルズ大阪なんば

The hotel we’d booked for our two nights in Osaska was Candeo Hotels, Namba. It’s located in a wonderful spot for late night snacking near the Dōtonbori. It’s about equal distance from Nippombashi and Nagahoribashi stations, which made getting around pretty easy. The walk wasn’t too bad either except that we’d landed in the midst of a heat wave, that even the front desk staff warned us to make sure we stayed hydrated and cool while out and about.

I arrived early, having come straight from the airport and dropped my stuff off. My friends wouldn’t be arriving until nearly midnight and I had high hopes to be asleep and resting long before then. Check in time is at 3pm but I got back from my solo day trip around 6pm, bought dinner at a Family Mart a couple blocks away and then settled into my room. It was quite nice. I liked that I had so much space, including a little couch to rest on. (Or more accurately dump all my things on.)

There was even an ice machine on our floor and if I took the elevator up a coin laundry (very hot and humid since there are dryers as well) and spa with a beautiful view.

I was a bit too tired and too hot to enjoy the spa, so I just took in the view. My friends however took advantage of it and greatly loved it. It’s essentially a onsen. One friend loved it so much she made sure to go both nights.


Breakfast was also included in our rooms, but without the inclusion it’s available for 1944 yen per adult. Which is about $19. It’s a combination of Eastern and Western breakfast options in buffet format. I stuck to yogurt, toast, cereal, and fruit. I really enjoyed our stay at Candeo Hotels and if we didn’t have such an exhausting schedule in the midst of the hottest time of year I’m sure would’ve loved the location and exploring the area as well.

My breakfast is on the left which is toast, cereal, fruit, bread and yogurt with different fruit syrups, on the right is their example breakfast that they have out.

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